Directed SFO - Centricity

For self directed Single family offices (SFOs) & their existing wealth systems

Key benefits

  • Consolidated reporting ,analytical and review tools.

  • Differentiated and neutral product listing.

  • No product push

  • Access to value added services

For large single family offices looking to consolidate their reporting, analytics and decision making/review mandates coupled with access to a wide yet differentiated product listing.

  • Unrestricted access to one-Digital and Invictus platforms.

  • Product & proposal scanner - Insights on products or investment proposals offered by third parties.

  • Hyper personalised portfolio review presentations.

  • Access up to date market intelligence - Views on economy, sectors, events.

  • Dedicated support from a qualified and experienced portfolio coach.

  • Dedicated Operation & service support

Access value added services - Delivered by associated third party service providers.

  • Estate & succesion planning

  • Credit solutions

  • Immigration consulting

Bridging the Gap Among Investors, Wealth Managers & Asset Managers

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