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Insights engine to democratize investment intelligence - Designed to exceed expectations.At Centricity, we have a deep understanding of sophisticated wealth management needs of Single family offices. This helped us develop technology that delivers an impactful client experience.

Personalised Investment Portfolios

Design and construct portfolios basis investor preference, expectations and well defined guardrails.

Digital onboarding

Risk Assessment

Product Selection Engine

Customised model portfolios

Quick invest

Enhanced portfolio reporting

A 360 degree networth reporting of assets and instruments. - We provide you with visualization and detailed look through into performance, risk exposure across all entities and portfolios.

  • Consolidated multi-product & multi-asset portfolio reporting

  • Multi-advisor "held away" portfolio reporting

  • Hierarchical-based access - Client preference-driven viewing rights.

Real estate Dashboard Insurance Dashboard Loans Dashboard Unlisted Dashboard

Actionable portfolio review and insights

For analytically enabled decision making and call to action - Invictus provides a single source of accurate full picture data to give control and transparency to make informed investment decisions, real time.

  • Generate portfolio analysis & quants.

  • Enable IPS-guardrails-aligned portfolio tracking - Basis risk and return profile.

  • Liquidity and cash flow insights.

  • Product recommendations basis insights & investor requirements

  • Stay appraised of all your portfolios through 24/7 monitoring ,notifications,alerts for critical activities ,events as well as triggers.

Bridging the Gap Among Investors, Wealth Managers & Asset Managers

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